The science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy uses tools such as positive reinforcement and proactive strategies to teach children meaningful and socially significant behaviors. Included in this evidence based treatment is teaching children how to apply skills they have learned one-on-one into their natural environment, enabling them to become independent in their community. ABA focuses on reducing challenging behaviors that block learning, finding socially appropriate replacement behaviors and enhancing skills in areas of deficit. 

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Featured Assessment: 

PEAK Relational Training System

Epicenter provides a comprehensive assessment across a wider range of language abilities and higher-order language and cognition abilities, while promoting generalization. Epicenter also uses the PEAK assessment to demonstrate relationship to IQ, challenging behavior, expressive/receptive language, and benchmarking compared to neurotypical peers.

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Your child's treatment begins with a unique, individualized plan customized to your child's specific developmental and behavioral needs.  Our direct therapy includes ongoing supervision of your child's progress by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) along with teacher and/or parent training in your home and school.

Generalization of Skills

Throughout your child's treatment, our therapists will work on generalization of skills. Generalization teaches your child to expand on the skills they have learned at home with their therapists and to demonstrate and use these same skills across multiple people, items, and environments. This includes their family members, friends, teachers, and community helpers. Environments can include your child's school, pool, park, college, career location, restaurants, and grocery stores. 

Example: A child is taught by a Therapist to drink from a favorite Sponge-Bob open-top cup at home. Then the child is taught to drink from the cup when instructed by a parent. Next, the child learns to drink from a blue cup at home from various adults in the home. After this, the child is taught to drink from a paper cup at school from a teacher. Finally, a child learns to drink from a plastic cup at the movie theater presented by the movie theater attendant. 


GENERALIZATION of drinking from a cup

  • Different environments

  • Different people presenting a demand or item (i.e., cup) 

  • Different types of cups

Community Involvement​

It is important to teach skills that enable children to blossom into independent individuals developing their own unique passions and strengths to lead successful lives. Involving children with special needs in the community is an important part of generalizing skills learned in treatment. Epicenter therapists work not only on building skills of deficit, but also expanding your child's strengths and passions to facilitate the development of his or her unique goals and skills. 

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