Behaviors that are difficult to manage prevent your child from learning. 

Behaviors of Concern ​Examples

  1. Hand-flapping

  2. Perseveration (focus on one item/topic)

  3. Aggression

  4. Refusal to follow simple instructions

  5. Tantrums

  6. Not responding when name is called

  7. Self Injurious Behaviors (SIB)

  8. Sensitivity to sounds

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At Epicenter, your child can start services right away. Our trained team of professionals  work with each family on an individualized, customized basis providing what is clinically optimal and necessary for your child. We focus on challenging behavior reduction and skill building.

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Areas of Deficit​ Examples

  1. Communication and Language

  2. Self Help and skills of Daily Living (e.g., bathroom routine, grooming, feeding, or dressing)

  3. Social and Play Skills

  4. Motor Skills

  5. Academics, as they relate to their natural environment. 

  6. Attention

  7. Generalization of skills to multiple environments

Generalization is applying skills that your child has learned to their natural environment. Children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder have a difficult time applying skills they have learned at home into other environments including school, community, careers, parks, movie theaters, restaurants, neighbors house, grocery store, etc.). 

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Autism is a spectrum disorder in which no two individuals display the exact same behaviors or symptoms. Characteristics which you may notice are difficulty in social interaction, challenges in verbal and nonverbal communication or language, repetitive patterns of behavior, and restricted interests or activities.

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